__________ like an Egyptian

So far we’ve walked, talked, and ate like one since we landed in Cairo, and there’s still more to come. I say “we” because now I’m joined by a couple familiar faces: Mom, who’s always wanted to see the pyramids (check!), and Dad who claims at first he was dragged to the desert, but is now thankful for that.

First stop on our tour was the great pyramids of Giza, and one of the great things about it was we got to walk through one of them! Actually, we almost crawled through since the entrance was low and narrow, but I doubt tourism was on the minds of the original architects.

We also enjoyed a semi-smooth camel ride closer to the three, three-sided structures to fully capture the egyptian experience, as well as posing in front of them in the traditional way, photo coming soon.

For lunch that day, our fantastic guide (best one I’ve had yet out of all 5 countries) took us to a local spot for one of the most popular foods, kushry. Basically it was macaroni, chic peas, and other unidentifiable goodies and spices thrown together in a bowl and covered in a tangy red sauce, delicious!

Other places we can check off the list include the step pyramid, egyptian museum, bazaar and many serene and beautiful mosques that words or photos wouldn’t do much justice. There’s just nothing like standing in an ancient house of worship and hearing a man chant the call to prayer.

Now we are on our way to Aswan via sleeper train. Although with the turbulence on this thing, not a whole lot of sleeping was going on, but it’s ok since we have a free day to relax before boarding our Nile cruise. Then we can add sail like an egyptian to the long list of unforgettable experiences.

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