A long walk through Beijing

Our guide warned us there would be a lot of walking today through some of Beijing’s most popular sites, and he wasn’t kidding. We started our journey at Tian’anmen square, but with no protesters it just looked like one big open space with a large pillar and TV screens in the middle. Still a thrill to see an area so widely shaped and known.

Walking across the square and under the street we arrived at the Forbidden City, which is a long stretch of different highly decorated rooms for the emperor, empress and all the concubines. One big happy family. Each room has its own purpose of course, one for business, one for pleasure, one for sleeping, etc. etc.

Next stop was the Temple of Heaven, which is a place people go to relax, and even on such a chilly day there were many locals doing just that. Many people were gathered around chinese checker boards, card games and even doing a little gambling. There was also a chorus belting out a few chinese tunes, as well as a dance party going on further into the park. One of the highlights was lunch (by now you must know how much I like food) and I finally got my dumplings!

The last part of our walking tour was the summer palace, which I’m sure is even more lovely in the summer. Here is where we found even more chinese gardens and the longest corridor in the world! Of course even this was hand painted and sporting the famous chinese pointy edges of the architecture. We rode a dragon boat (yes, in the shape of a dragon) across the lake to complete the trip.

Tomorrow I end my tour of China at the Great Wall, which I’m sure will mean more walking, only this time I get to check off another wonder off my list.

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