Wonder of the world

A world of wonder

I can’t find the strength to leave this place–the real wonder is why this place isn’t packed. Even with all the people that showed up at 7am to see it at sunrise, there’s still a sense of peace about this little part of the world.

Riding in by rickshaw, since it’s far from where cars are allowed, I finally smelled what people say India smells like, it ain’t pretty, but it’s almost like the stench knows it’s not allowed past security because there’s such a sweet, pleasant fragrance as soon as you walk through the gate, and you know you’re some place magical.

As soon as you walk under the archway the eye is automatically drawn to the majestic white marble ahead. Even though there are still gardens to cross and fountains to pass to get there, the sight ahead draws you in and everything else around it melts away.

People stand in awe and just watch it, like it’s about to do something extraordinary, but all it has to do is sit there and catch the growing light, and it’s still the most extraodinary thing I’ve seen.

Of course, the only thing inside is a few marble tombs for a couple of lovers, but it’s quite a romantic place to rest for eternity. There’s only a single light over the tombs, one in the middle of the room for the muse, and another slightly to the left of it for the maker. Both are surrounded by beautiful iron gates with delicate flowers painted on them. For the size of the place, the room with the tombs is rather small, but I guess the idea is to look at the bigger picture.

The main attraction is flanked by two identical red stone mosques, not as grand, but equally beautiful. The varying colors help to make the middle building, literally, the center of attention.

Pictures of the Taj Mahal may capture the beauty of the place, but there’s something about being in its presence that provokes a whole new sense of wonder.

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