All packed

All packed!

Yes, I know I have two full days left before I leave, but what else is a girl to do on a rainy morning before taking a soul searching journey?

I’ll spare you every detail of what went into my luggage, if you really want to know just ask, but here are some highlights:

camera – an easy way to document the trip

journal – to capture what the camera can’t (the feelings), plus, being a writer I would be stupid not to bring writing materials.

scarf – when you have to pack light, it’s a must have! it can transform an outfit and act as a hat, jacket, and more!

wipes – also has multiple uses such as an after flight refresher, instant shower (if you’d rather not test the water), toilet paper, surface cleaner and more.

Of course there’s more clothes, toiletres and forms of in flight entertainment, but everyone packs differently so I’m not going to claim to know everything about efficiency.

Along the way I’ll let you know if I could have used anything else, and what I could have left home, but for now all there’s left to do is wait!

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