Welcoming signs

All signs point to YES!

Back when I decided to take this trip, I mentioned the idea to my current boss, and even though she seemed hesitant, she told me I just needed to give her a months notice so she could find someone to fill in for me.  So when I told her I was going to book the tickets and start this journey 6 months from then, I figured I gave her plenty of notice, but I was still a little surprised she didn’t change her mind and fire me on the spot.  Well, three months later and I am now training my replacement.

Now that news of a possible double dip recession is coming and the unemployed are just giving up searching for a new job, my thoughts that I made the right decision started to waver.  However, I am a believer in signs, and whenever my mind starts to change like this, I always ask for one.  Sometimes it doesn’t come right away, and it might not be in the form I expect, but yesterday one decided to show up…

Only a half day of work, three-day weekend a head of me, I decided to run some errands before going home.  I wasn’t thinking about having to find another job or any of my travel plans, but as I parked my car and looked up, there it was, just a sign on a door, but a sign nonetheless.  First I saw the words GLOBAL TRAVELER, then looked further down and saw PUBLICATIONS.

Of all the times I parked in this lot I never noticed this before. From the name on the door, I had a feeling what this office was.  I was tempted to go in, but I know how uncomfortable it is when people just drop by the office I work in and either ask about a job or about wanting to be a model.  So I just decided to research it when I got home.  I found out it is a travel magazine, and the articles do cover destinations around the globe.  There is a contact page on their website, so I’m planning on doing just that after the holiday.  Even if nothing comes of it, it was the sign I needed to keep me on the right path.  This is what I’m supposed to be doing, and I’m grateful for the confirmation.

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  1. You have all the answers. Usually you just need someone to ask the right questions. Or…you need some sort of sign. Confirmation of what you already know. Word to the wise…make your contact before the trip, as opposed to after. Just in case you need to make a mad dash after. Or you might get a gig sending them reports from the road.

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