Back on track, for real

As new writers can understand, it can be difficult staying on track with your writing. Some of my teachers may think I’m making excuses, but I like to call it making new goals. 

February may have been a post-free month here, but it was filled with new transitions. One of the biggest ones was going from unemployed to fully employed.  It’s a big adjustment after seven months of job searching, and maybe a little traveling, and making my own daily schedule which included daily walks, writing, and workouts on the Wii. Now my schedule is packed with 10 hour days of writing SEO copy for clients, occasionally reviewing theater for STAGE, and teaching acting on the weekends. So when do I have time for writing novels and picture books? Glad you asked.

Last night was my first Write Your Novel in 9 Months class, where I not only experienced a renewed love of writing, but a boost in energy for finishing the first draft of my debut novel. The class meets once a month for nine months, a great way to spread out success. Each class also involves homework that will be reviewed by the panel of teachers/published authors before the following class. I already tried setting myself deadlines, it doesn’t work as well as someone else setting them for me, this is why taking classes and workshops are some of the best motivators.

Hopefully I can continue on this track after the nine months is up. I know I said it before, but I mean it now. If you don’t believe me, send me your email address, I’ll invite you to the launch party of my next published book.

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