Book of the Month: The Time of my Life, by Cecelia Ahern

What would you do if you met your life? Would you want to hang out? What would you say?

For Lucy Silchester, meeting her life wasn’t a top priority. In fact, she ignored it for as long as possible, until the point it became so annoying that she was forced to face it, face to face. From that point on, Life found ways of complicating things for Lucy and trying to keep her truthful. She found when she finally let Life take the wheel, she learned more about how to make herself happy.

The Time of my Life, by Cecelia Ahern, is a weirdly wonderful story about relationships with family, friends, and—most importantly—your own life. The storyline is refreshingly unique and introspective. The characters are entertaining and relatable. Personally, the Ireland setting struck a wanderlusting cord.

While at times the inner monologue/stream of consciousness was tough to keep up with, and Lucy’s penchant for lying took a second read to understand what was really going on, it was a quick read for me. This was a welcomed retreat from the six months it took to get through the last book.

Overall, I’d give it 4/5 stars.

As for the next book…I came upon The Bookstore, by Deborah Meyler, in a bookstore (go figure), as it jumped out at me from my favorite spot: the bargain section. I love finding diamonds in the rough piles of discounted books. Especially ones about one of my favorite places, a bookstore. Here’s the gist:

“A witty, sharply observed debut novel about a young woman who finds unexpected salvation while working in a quirky used bookstore in Manhattan.”

Feel free to read along with me in April, and let me know what you think! Any future book recommendations are also welcome. Just leave them in the comments below.

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