Book of the Month: The Bookstore, by Deborah Meyler

So, April was a busy month; therefore, this post is a little late. While I almost stopped reading The Bookstore several times to move on to a new story, I’m glad I stuck it out. It had a lot of interesting moments, but some of it dragged on with references that require a higher level of learning or interest in art and literature.

There is a lot of love for hard copy books throughout this story, and about halfway through one line stuck with me, “what is the space for if you don’t fill it with books.” This came after a reference to libraries and electronic devices carrying all the books you’ll ever need. However, there is something about a cozy home library or even one bookshelf full of books that holds a sense of wonder. Owning each individual world captured between a cover gives you the freedom to go there when you want, even when there’s no WiFi.

The rest of this story follows Esme Garland as she navigates the streets of New York, one-way roads to romance, and the super highway of motherhood, all with a familiar bookstore to go back to that seems to always balance her out.

Next up is Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline. Typically, I like to read a book before seeing the movie, but as is the case with a lot of stories, that can lead to disappointment. After seeing this movie, I was told the book is a lot better, with more detail, and then I was promptly gifted the novel. Read along through June and catch my recap next month.

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