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Welcome to February! How many resolutions are still in full swing? I like to set goals instead of resolutions. Goals sound more friendly and achievable. Some of them include, read more, write more, eat more healthy foods.

So, as I snack on some Girl Scout cookies, I’m here to tackle two things on this list—because it’s more fun when you can meet multiple goals at once.

Cut to this Book of the Month blog. The goal: read a new book every month and blog about it. Sounds easy enough. It also sounded like the perfect opportunity to finally finish the book I’ve been reading since last summer.

Yes, I was given Fire-Starter, by Stephen King in the summer of 2017. I let this small, lightweight, paperback fool me into thinking I’d have it read in no time.

I started strong, flying through short chapters detailing the turbulent journey of Andy McGee and his daughter, Charlie. Really detailing. So much detailing that I got lost in the descriptions of clothing, settings, and smells. The constant jumps back and forth through the past and present add even more detail and start to become exhausting. The 400-pages start feeling heavier. But now that I’m more than half way through, there’s more invested, and it’s harder to put down.

That said, Fire-Starter is now the book of the month for a second month! Like resolutions, goals can be adjusted when you want to make them more attainable. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Who here has read Fire-Starter? What are your thoughts? Leave you comments below, along with any recommendations for future books of the month.

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  1. I read Firestarter back in high school. ( I was reading EVERYTHING by Stephen King back then!) Like many of his books, it jumps back and forth between characters which at the time seem disconnected, but they do work their way together by the end! It’s just his style. Enjoy. Afterward, you can reward yourself with the movie starring Drew Barrymore, probably age 10! Happy reading 🙂

  2. Post

    Thanks Rebecca! This is the first of his novels I’m attempting, but I’m getting used to it. I’ve heard about the movie too, but that’s part of a whole new goal

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