Editing and writing

The 3 Stages of Editing

There are many ways to go about editing a piece of writing, and writers should find the process that best works for them and their style. Though some may highly disagree, I edit while I write. I know, I know. You may have heard that the best way to write is to get all your ideas down first without even …


A Day in the Life of This Writer

For a writer working on a novel, a day off isn’t necessarily a day off. There’s always something to do. Research, writing, and rewriting becomes more important than binge watching shows and napping all afternoon. At least it should be more important. Recently, I took a day off in the middle of the week. Let’s see how it went, shall …

Remember Dr. Ormond

REMEMBER Cast: Dr. Ormond

What’s a paranormal story without a little touch of evil? In REMEMBER, Dr. Ormond may be portrayed as the creepy doctor with supernatural powers, but we also see another side of him that evokes more empathy. 1. Full Name: Dr. Jack Ormond
 2. Nicknames: Dr. Creepypants, Dr. McSnarky, Dr. Telepathic, Dr. Crazy, Dr. Weird, Dr. Strange, Dr. O
 3. Age: …