A Day in the Life of This Writer

For a writer working on a novel, a day off isn’t necessarily a day off. There’s always something to do. Research, writing, and rewriting becomes more important than binge watching shows and napping all afternoon. At least it should be more important. Recently, I took a day off in the middle of the week. Let’s see how it went, shall we:

7am: up with the dawn and the dog
7:30: email/Facebook/Instagram
8: meditate
8:30: breakfast and news
9: gardening
9:30: shower
10: call from mom, then grandma
10:30: making appointments/paying bills/balancing checkbook
11: walk the dog
11:30: early lunch
12pm: edit first ten pages of novel
1: read
2: snack on pickles, peanuts, iced chai tea
2:30: mindless tv
3: edited 10 more pages
3:30: walk/feed the dog
4: another snack, could be dinner
4:30: read/nap
5: happy hour!
6: finished reading book
6:30: distracted by dog chasing fly/made video
7: Pretty much decided no more was getting done today.

Throw in some potty breaks and more five-minute social media checks and you have my semi-productive day. Did I finish editing? No. But I worked on it, which is better than not working on it.

So, what did I learn? I’m easily distracted by dogs and food, but both are equally important to my well-being. While working on my novel is a priority, so is a majority of the other things on the list–especially food and Guvna.

Reading also makes me a better writer, so there.

Every writer’s schedule is going to look different, so it’s no use trying to compare one person’s day to another. The way I see it, as long as I make time for it, it will get done–eventually. Here’s to all the other creatives out there making time for their art and getting it done on their schedule! I’ll drink to you at the next happy hour! Cheers!

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