Freelance uniform

Freelance Fancy Pants

Freelance sounds so freeing. Make your own hours, have your pick of jobs, live the dream. All of this could very well be just that–all a dream.

Today was my second official day of unemployment, which I would prefer to call “self-discovery.” One thing I did discover is that I’m much lazier when I stay in pajamas all day, what I like to call a freelance uniform.

Casual Everydays

I hear from many other writers and work-from-homers that a huge perk to self-employment (or in my case so far, unpaid self-discovery) is that they never need to get dressed for work. I guess since I’ve been used to working at jobs where jeans isn’t such a faux pas this doesn’t phase me as much. Occasionally, I do enjoy a lazy day in PJs, but as I discovered today, it doesn’t always make for a very productive day. 

There were a few things checked off my to do list, but it also took an afternoon tea break and 20 minute power nap to enjoy. Yesterday, when I did decide to get dressed (jeans and tee), I got a lot more done. Lesson learned, if I want to make the most out of the work from home lifestyle, I should keep the closet stocked with decent clothes.


Today I proved one of my earlier hypotheses wrong. So far I have drafted two travel articles, an article query and interviewed three different people and wrote that first draft, all while in my pjs. I even showered, put on new pjs and now I’m continuing to write. Granted, I did take a short nap, but you would too after all that! I’m still not going to make a habit out of it, but at least I know it’s not completely the outfit that makes the writer.

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