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Go Ahead–Judge this Book by its Cover

Because this cover is awesome!

When it comes to books, the cover is one of the first things I consider when deciding what to read next. Why shouldn’t it? It’s the first thing I see. Not only should the cover get the reader excited to read what’s beyond it, it should tease the story and reveal something unique about the book itself.

The Design Process

I had an idea for this and Remember’s cover well before I even finished writing the books. One of the perks of being an inde author is that I get to pick the image and design. The image for both novels are ones I photographed myself. And while I used the Createspace cover creator to design the one for Remember, I decided to enlist the expertise of a graphic designer this time around.

Since Andrew Farquer from Liberty Digital did such an excellent job designing my website, I asked for his artistic eye to look over this cover. Together we came up with the right colors, fonts, text placement, and spacing to create something clean yet eye-catching.

The image reveals an important part of the story in many forms. Hopefully it also has the reader saying, what is that, and why is it important? Well, you need to read the book to find out. Of course the title is also taken from the plot itself and gives a sense of the novel’s mood and theme.

Now that the cover is complete, it makes this process even more real. As much as writing a novel can test my strength and stamina as a writer, getting to this stage of near-completion is always thrilling. While I usually find myself saying this is my last novel for a while, seeing my name on the cover always seems to spark ideas for next one.

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