A Guide to Navigating This New Website

Welcome! You made it! You may not know it, but this website baby is brand-spanking new. I’m talking about months of planning, writing, coding, testing–no blood, but some sweat and happy tears were shed, all in the name of this mobile-friendly, search-engine-optimized, marketing platform.

If you were here before, you may remember my templated website filled with travel pics and blogs on writing REMEMBER. Well, don’t worry, that’s still here, but it’s better than ever! Change is good. Change meant a total redesign that transformed a two page WordPress travel blog into a multi-page marketing machine that is built to excite adventurous readers (that’s you) into reading my blogs and books. How? So glad you asked. Follow me as I take you on a site tour and describe in enticing detail why this site launched so many days ago.

Behold! The Mighty Home Page

If you can’t tell what this site is about from the home page, then:
1. Make sure you’re really on the home page.
2. Scroll up to the top.
3. Take in the images and text of the interactive split header.

A home page lets the visitor in on what they’re about to experience. Sure, there may be a few surprises along the way, but basically all the real important info is right up front. My home page gets right to the focus of the site: me.

My name is right there at the top, people! Is that the first thing you saw? You may have noticed the TRAVEL heading, which is great, because I LOVE travel, and that’s also what you’re in store for–lots and lots of travel-related topics. Maybe you were on a computer with the widescreen opened all the way and the WRITING heading caught your eye. Well, that’s great too, because that’s what I do, and I’d love for you to read what I wrote. This expertly designed header leads to my travel and writing blogs–two pages that you’ll learn even more about as we continue this journey through

SURPRISE! It’s a Pop-Up Intro

If you’re lucky enough to browse this site on a desktop computer or tablet, then as you scroll down the home page, you’ll be treated to a pop-up box where my smiling face welcomes you to the site. So glad you stopped by! Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find, plus, what’s this? A link to where you can buy my books? How’d that get there? (Spoiler alert: that was my idea).

Scroll down a little further on the home page and you’ll find a section that promotes my most recent book. Here you can read a few of my favorite reviews and find links to where you can acquire these stories online–in both hard copy and e-book format. Lucky ducks!

The last section of the home page is reserved for event information, because from time to time I get out from behind the writing desk (more like off the writing couch), put on some presentable clothes, and meet my fans. Keep an eye on this section for when I’ll be in a store/library/café by you!

The Website Ride Along

Come sightseeing with me through the redesigned travel blog! Tales of far–and not so far–off places await! It’s like a ride along in my carry on as we stroll cobblestone streets, taste exotic dishes, and horribly mangle foreign languages. Simply click on each picture to explore the world with me and learn more about each adventure.

Dear Diary, Today I Wrote a Book

Here’s a not-so-well-kept secret: a lot of my writing comes from my experiences. I may not go as far as Taylor Swift, but if you think one of my characters sound a lot like you, you’re probably right. Reading my writing blog is the closest you’ll get to peeking into my journal to learn about my inspirations, motivations–or lack their of, and overall process. You’ll also find some awesome extras from my published books.

My Great American Books

Looking for an interesting read? You’ll find some on this page! Whether it’s published or not, this is where you can learn more about what projects I’m working on. There’s something for everyone! If it’s not out yet, dear Lord, I hope it will be out soon! But, remember, the best things are worth waiting for.

It’s All About Me

Which is why it’s called the About page. It’s my site–I do what I want. Learn a little more about my passions and experiences. For those who already know me, don’t worry, I’ve kept it short and sweet. Who knows, you may learn something new! For those who don’t know me, well, you’ll definitely learn something new.

Email Me, Maybe

The contact page is pretty self-explanatory. You have a question? I don’t promise to have the answer, but go ahead and drop me a line anyway! Want to learn more about my books/travels/favorite foods? The contact form is there, you know what to do.

More Than Just a Footnote

In the footer of every page, there’s a field where you can enter your email address and then magically receive every new published post in your inbox. There’s also a recap of some of the most recent posts included there–if you don’t feel like browsing too far. Then, of course, there are the ever-popular social media links if you’re so inclined to like/share/follow/retweet/connect, etc. etc. Last, but certainly not least (even though it’s the smallest font of the site) there’s a shout out and link to my favorite web design and development company Liberty Digital–they keep the lights on here, and I’ll be forever grateful.

Thank you! Goodnight!

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