Hit Me With Your Best Travel Shots

With the trip to Africa about four months away, it was time to get the dreaded travel shots over with again. You see, I thought I was in the clear after already getting a barrage of shots and prescriptions for my last big trip—about eight years ago now. Unfortunately, the typhoid shot expired in two years and tetanus is recommended every five years if you’re traveling, so back to Penn Travel Med for a consultation.

Luckily, I didn’t need as many as last time. Plus, in the name of saving money, I opted to get the tetanus at my family doctor’s office. Typhoid was the only shot left on the list. It was quick and relatively painless. After taking some pain meds for the arm achenes, things were feeling better.

Before leaving, I asked about a future trip I’ve thought about—Thailand! I was told I’d need the same shots and scripts again, so the goal is to go before these shots expire again!

While it’s not the most fun or glamorous part of traveling, I’d rather come home with positive memories and not a positive disease diagnosis. It’s all precautionary, and many may not even think about it. But as someone who hasn’t had the best of luck in the health department, I’ll take any precaution I can.

What other health precautions have you taken before travel? Let me know in the comments below.

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