Great Wall of china

I’m a hero!

Yes, a Hero! That’s what our guide called us after climbing the Great Wall! It was quite a climb indeed. Young and old were huffing and puffing half way up the steps of all different depths.

From this photo you can almost see the first lookout point on the right, this was my destination, and what I thought was the top. Little did I know once I reached this post there was another one just as far and steep further up the mountain. I’m a hero, not a machine. So I enthusiastically took my pictures, turned around and made the easier trip back down.

We did a bunch of other things today like visit the Changling Tomb and a jade museum, and lunch was just as good as the other days, but it all really doesn’t compare to the climb. There is no question why it’s one of the world wonders, and no visit to China would be complete without it.

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