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Impressive, inspiring, indescribable

Three words from three travelers who are now very well educated in the history and culture of Egypt–and equally impressed about the inspiring experience that’s hard to describe.

To see what’s left of the ancient temples and tombs and the grandeur of it all, it definitely leaves a lasting impression. It also leaves you in wonder of how it all came to be so long ago. The great pyramids, massive statues and decorated obelisks standing over 100 feet tall gets you thinking about the labor and man power it took to complete such a project, and now the continuing process of uncovering it all.

Strolling through the Valley of the Kings, a desert complex dotted with underground tombs of Egyptian royalty, envokes a different sense of wonder… especially since not all tombs have been discovered yet. Kind of makes you want to start digging right then and there.

Watching history being dusted off in front of your eyes as workers excavate a sphinx lined avenue connecting two temples is another inspiring sight, even if they have to relocate the homes and businesses that have been built above it.

Stone walls covered from top to bottom in hieroglyphics telling the stories of kings, queens, gods and goddesses give an indescribable feeling, especially to a writer. Lately I’ve been exposed to many forms of written word in a variety of languages, but to see it all “spelled” out in pictures on the walls in black and white, and sometimes muted colors, leaves me without the right word to decribe it all.

There are many other words we can use to describe the last week immersed in an ancient time, but these three sum it up quite nicely. Above all, after spending a month discovering the world on my own, being able to share this with my parents added something extra special. Now that I’m back I’ll get to relive it all over again when I share the many photos and unpostable stories of the past 5 weeks…stay tuned!

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