Journey to Austria

Who knew that flying into Venice was an easy way to get to Austria? I didn’t, but was pleasantly surprised to learn that there were more affordable flights from the States to Italy, and the two neighboring European countries were easily accessible by bus and train.

After taking the train to the bus station, we settled in for a three-hour journey from Venice to Villach. The comfortable double-decker bus smoothly traveled along the highway, passing miles and miles of vineyards, making this passenger pretty thirsty.

After making a stop at another station in Udine, the journey continued and the view slowly transitioned from suburban town to mountainous ranges with tiny villages nestled in the valleys.

Tunneling through the countryside, we passed trickling waterfalls feeding crystal blue water to ribbon through a gravel shore. Colorful cottages dotted the rocky mountainside–their plaster construction and terracotta roofs giving a purely European feel.

Our gracious hosts greeted us at the bus station in Villach and the tour continued. We saw the quaint Austrian towns up close, and winded our way through the mountains blanketed in different shades of green to the farm cottage we’ll be calling home for the next few days.

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