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Just Keep Writing, Writing, Writing

Still trying to find a balance between writing and travel. With all the travel planning for my round-the-world trip coming up at the end of the month, I must admit I have slacked a bit in writing. However, now I feel I’m back on track with multiple queries out to agents and publishers for my children’s books and articles. I’ve also just been asked to write community theater reviews for STAGE Magazine! Of course, all of this will be put on hold again next month when I’m country hopping, but have no fear, I will do my best to keep my travel blog alive!

Pulling Focus

While writing may occupy my mind, it doesn’t always translate to paper–plus, traveling around the world throws off schedule just a bit. While away, I’ll be blogging all about my travels, but then it’s time to get back on the children’s book train. 

Now that the last assignment is complete for the writing course I’m taking through the Institute of Children’s Literature, it’s time to get back to personal projects. I’m still in the process of revising the Pere and Bea manuscripts. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but of course the holidays are coming up now, which is always a time of joyful distractions. 

It’s also almost time for New Year’s resolutions, and I can feel 2011 will be a big publishing year! The goal is to balance writing, travel, family and friends (not necessarily in that order). Hopefully I won’t stray too far from the track again.

Happy holidays everyone!

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