Sydney escape

Last day in Sydney escape

Even though I had no set plans for today, I sure got a lot done, and it’s only 3pm! I started the morning off with a walk through Darling Harbor, and since it was wet and gray again I decided I might as well see what all the hype was about in the Wildlife park. So I finally got to see some kangaroos and sleepy koala bears, and even the largest crocadile in the world! Or so they say.

After passing store after store of “authentic” souvenirs I finally caved and bought a boomerang detailed with “original” aboriginal art. Nothing says Australia like a curvy flying stick.

Since I did the bridge climb I was given a ticket to climb up to the pylon lookout. Basically, now I can take all the photos I want of the skyline and harbor without the threat of dropping my camera and killing someone.

Now I sit on the shore of Manly beach (photo), one of the neighboring Sydney beaches. Here is where I will stay till about sunset when I’ll head back to Sydney and pack up for my early flight out tomorrow.

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