Let it Go: Dealing with a Mini Meltdown

Nothing starts a day off right like a mini meltdown. Thankfully, mine came in the form of a laughing fit that may have been hysterical to me, but I think it scared some of my coworkers.

It was triggered by one simple email–what would have been a normal work email with another last-minute copy change that I should be used to by now. However, one simple sentence meant possibly having to undo a good part of the morning’s work.

Nonetheless, my reaction was to laugh. Once I started laughing I couldn’t stop. It was the kind of laugh that I could feel bubble up in my belly and rattle my throat. It was this morning’s form of stress relief.

During this bout, a coworker asked me a question about an email she had received, to which I didn’t have a good answer. This led to even more laughing–a serious case of the giggles that would only be cured by closed eyes and deep breaths.

Tapping in to my regular meditation practices, I tried to find my center and clear my mind. This situation was not something to get worked up over. Put into perspective, it was a simple task and a simple I don’t know answer. Only, with the pent-up frustration over the amount of time spent in the morning fixing one problem, I needed an outlet to help solve another.

People deal with stress in many ways. I’d like to think my daily meditations have helped me deal in a more positive way. Maybe that’s why I was hysterically laughing instead of crying. Bottom line is that I needed some form of release and I’m grateful it ended up this way instead of tears or breaking things.

I’d like to think I don’t keep things bottled up inside. If there’s a problem at work, I usually tell my manager. If there’s a problem in my personal life, I do what I can to solve it within my ability. But episodes like the one I had today shows me that sometimes blow ups–in whatever form–can occur without warning, no matter how much you think you’re ready for them. I only hope that they will continue to be on the more positive side, like laughter, so I will continue to search for more constructive outlets–like meditation and creative practices–to keep a level head. If only everyone could deal with problems this way, the world may be a much more funnier place.

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