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Let the Planning Begin!

After a year-long hiatus—except one close call at the Canadian border—the passport is making a triumphant return next month! The airline tickets are booked (thanks AA miles!) and appropriate parties contacted to make the trip to Venice, Italy and Austria at the end of April.

This trip was inspired by the desire to reunite two long-lost friends—one being my father (who’s not so tech/social media savvy) and the other who conveniently lives in Austria! I was told it would be easier to fly into Venice and take a train to the little Austrian town. They had me at Venice. Of course I’ll have to spend some time there! That was a no-brainer, but it also meant planning the logistics of lodging and transportation between two countries.

In this age of travel apps and online booking, this is much easier done than said in a different language. Thank goodness—since the last time I had to travel in Italy I ended up in the employee section of the train and was promptly kicked out and shuffled to the highly uncomfortably seat on an overnight journey. So, lesson learned. While it makes for a great story, I’ll take comfort over convo this time around.

More to come on all the adventures of traveling with my father. It’s the first time it will just be the two of us, so we’ll see how it goes. As long as there is good food, he’ll be happy. Happy father, no travel bother.

Here are some of the apps I downloaded to help with the planning so far:
TripAdvisor: reading the message boards for each of the cities gave me an idea of the best areas to stay and visit. I also found great info on train and bus travel between each destination. once I knew the area where I wanted to stay, I searched and compared various hotels in the area and read reviews of the ones that fit my budget. Ultimately, I booked directly with the hotel, who was able to give me a better deal than what I found online!

Google Translate: I haven’t had to use this yet, but I think the features will come in handy once I land overseas.

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