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Let’s Start at the Beginning

The Beginning

After spending a weekend at the Chestnut Hill Book Festival, I feel much more inspired and motivated to write. I’ve also never had so many people tell me to start a website, Facebook page, blog, and twitter as I did in those 48 hours, so this is me taking their advice!

However, with all the social media I’ve just created, I haven’t had a lot of time to actually do the kind of writing I’d like to focus on (for travel and children). They did warn me about this.

Nonetheless, I have spent most of the day writing something, whether it was a blurb about me or this blog! I also started the day with a rather exciting event…submitting a fictional story to the good people of Highlights Magazine!

So there! Here’s to my first day of letting all the advice I received over the weekend sink in and taking the first steps down this newly inspired path.

The end. For now.

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