Milford sound

Majestic mountains of Milford Sound

On the way back to cilvilization now after spending all afternoon in nature at it’s finest. The day started with a drive up Milford Road, a twist turny mountain road with signs warning of avalanches. The view is worth the risk. Entering Fiordland National park you’re surrounded by dense forest and mountain ranges laced with glacial waterfalls. We even stopped to taste the spring water, nature’s fountain of youth. This is no Deer Park, this is the real thing.

Once we got to the sound, we boarded a cruise for a go around the perimeter. Here we saw more mountain views, got up close and personal with some waterfalls and even spied on a few basking fur seals.

I passed on the opportunity to see the sound via plane, it’s way to early in the trip to go into severe debt, so I settled on just adding it to the list of things to do when I’m back. One added bonus of today’s daytrip is it came with another tour tomorrow to see all the area highlights I missed. Stay tuned!

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