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Since the trip this fall was successful in cleaning out my savings account (which is slowly gaining strength again, thank you), I thought ahead to what I may be persuaded to buy once I start travelling, and how to get around it.  Visions of locals throwing their wares at me with promises of the “best deal” were starting to haunt me. 

I decided my best bet was to invest in a camera that would yield photos good enough to make me forget about all the chatchkeys I need to miss out on.  After years of only having to point a camera at what I wanted to capture and push a single button, I’ve graduated to a big girl camera, an SLR (a Nikon D5000 to be exact). 

With all the research I’ve done on these higher end cameras I do understand that it’s not exactly the camera that makes the photo great, it’s the way the picture is shot and edited.  Again, since the extent of my photography skills have been limited to pointing and shooting and the occasional magic of the “fix all” button on my photo program (not counting my one high school photography class since I don’t even remember what camera I used, and there was a darkroom involved), I needed a crash course in how to use my new purchase. 

I looked into a few area classes, and with a recommendation from a friend with really great photos I decided to enroll in a workshop through Katydidphotography.  My first workshop solidified the fact that I don’t really know what I’m doing.  All the talk of ISO and shutter speeds just floated around in my head.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a great workshop, very informative, and I walked away with a much-needed cheat sheet!  It certainly was not the last of its kind I plan on taking. 

I do like to go out with my camera and experiment myself, but I realized I was doing much of my experimenting in AUTO mode… I was told this doesn’t really help.  So I stepped outside the AUTO box, and now I’m in the free world of adjusting ISO based on lighting and shutter speed based on action, and I can’t wait to see the results.  I’m sure it will be much better than another t-shirt and magnet.

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