New year new goals

New Year and New Goals

OK, so it’s almost February already, but it’s never too late to make (or break) new resolutions, right?  The big reso this year is to focus more on writing, hence the promise to myself to keep up two blogs and a variety of children’s book manuscripts. 

One big step was finally joining the SCBWI, step 2 was attending my first regional meeting!  I started small with a first page session in Princeton, NJ.  Both an agent and publisher came over from New York to listen to and comment on the first page of everyone’s manuscript.  Even though the professionals weren’t exactly fans of what I wrote, other than the character names, they gave great feedback that I will undoubtably use to improve my writing. 

Plus, not only did I get to take away feedback on my work, but I also got to learn from the comments made about the 20 or so other first pages that were read that night.  The small, laid back setting was the perfect initiation into what I hear is an invaluable resource for children’s book authors.  I can tell being a part of this society will make keeping this year’s resolution so much easier.

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