Ni hao China!

Finally made it to Beijing! After multiple stops along the way, including a layover in the Singapore airport, one of the best so far, I’ve landed in a land where the color red rules. Everywhere you look there are red ricksaws, red lanterns, red neon signs, red all over my cozy little courtyard room (the photo is the view from my door). The Chinese have taken the saying “paint the town red” to a whole new level.

Other than red, there is also an abundance of bikes. They pull the red ricksaws, there are motorbikes, bicycles, scooters, and just about anyone is riding them. I even saw a toddler holding on to Mom and she manuevered the narrow Hutong streets on a Vespa.

Beijing is definitely unlike any city I’ve seen before. It’s also the very first time I’ve felt like the minority, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just that the tables have turned and now I see hoards of non-chinese tour groups taking photos of anything and everything. I admit, I will soon join them, and you’ll hear all about it soon.

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