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Nick of Time

As stories of unrest flash across the headlines in not one, but two of the places I just traveled to, a mix of emotions run through me, and I’m reminded to count my blessings.

The Cairo that I visited was filled with history, wonder and excitement. The people I met were proud of their country and all it stands for.

The Cairo I see on the news today is a little different. I still see a lot of passionate people, but for much different reasons. I can’t help but think of the friends I met there, and how this is affecting them, especially since they’re in the tourism industry. Rioting can’t be good for business.

Here in the northeast, mother nature hasn’t been very friendly lately. All the snow she’s been dumping continues to pile up and cause stress up and down the east coast. However, it’s nothing compared to the flooding, and now the cyclone warnings that are going on in Cairns, Australia.

While in that part of the world, I did spend some time in the rainforest, and of course was not surprised when it started to pour, but it’s nothing compared to the recent warnings of “one of the largest cyclones in Queensland history.” Again, my prayers go out to the people who I met from that area, and hope all will be well soon.

When I was researching for the trip, I focused heavily on reports of when the best time would be to visit all the places on my desired itinerary, and I’ve never been so glad I took that into account and went when I did. I’m not usually the type to put things off, but there were a few times I thought about traveling at the beginning of this year… new year, new adventure, that sort of thing. Thank goodness I didn’t.

These sorts of events just goes to show how we shouldn’t take anything for granted. We never know when the tides will shift, and our world, as we know it, will change.

Never before have I been more motivated to follow my heart, and not settle for anything less than what I deserve. I know the world won’t end tomorrow, but life is still too short to not be enjoying it right now. I may have traveled around the world in the nick of time, but there’s still so much to do.

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