Novels in November

Write Your Novel in November

It’s November! The month that some writers may love and others may fear. This National Novel Writing Month comes with its own set of rules when it comes to writing a novel. The goal is to have 50,000 words on paper by November 30th. As an author of a novel, with another on the way, I can tell you this is both motivating and horrifying. Motivation comes with the deadline, a date to shoot for, and the hint of competition with yourself and others. The horrors creep in when one does the math and realizes to meet the goal it will take over 1500 words a day.

As a novel writer who took several years to complete both novels, I can tell you 1500 a day is not always easy. But that’s just me. In no way do I want to diminish the excitement of NaNoWriMo, in fact, I have great respect for those who do take part and reach the goal. I’m just throwing caution out there to those who think writing a novel is easy–so easy it could take 30 days to do it. So let’s just call this post an offer of a little perspective.

I have to say, I do picture writers everywhere haunched over their writing desks this month, shaking as the caffeine works through the bloodstream, feverishly pounding out page after page. As time progresses, the air around them grows tense and stale with the lack of proper hygiene. Multiple coffee-stained cups make a tiny wall along the window sill. Hairs are unkept, clothes disheveled, and mail collects in an unopened pile by the front door.

Okay, it may not be that dramatic–or it may be worse–but it’s supposed to be a time when writers come together in solidarity for a single cause: writing that darn novel. So kudos to all who’s taking on the challenge this month! I raise my glass (of tea or wine, depending on the time you’re reading this) to you! I hope this month is more of a motivation to you to get your story out there and less of the horrifying fact that your story will eventually be out there. For me, this month is motivation to PUBLISH my second novel. This requires more writing and editing, but a goal is still a goal.

*Warning* Shameless Self-Promotion Ahead:

This month also happens to be when I’ll be at the Local Author Expo (details below), talking to other writers and visitors about writing, publishing, my first novel–Remember, and the upcoming release of my second novel–Aunty Says, Get a Life. I’ll be holding contests for signed books and a crazy cool travel kit, so I hope to see you there. If you want to show up in some swanky promo gear, check out this swag bag.

Local Author Expo
November 12, 2016
Free Library of Northampton Township
25 Upper Holland Rd.
Richboro, PA 18954

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