Philadelphia Staycation: Mixing History & Fun

When you live so close to a major city, such as Philadelphia, it’s not always the first place that comes to mind when you think of a vacation destination. But, when you have family visit from out of town, it’s a no-brainer for the list of must-see spots. A day trip to Philly is easy when you live in one of its many suburbs. For this itinerary, we wanted to see some of the major landmarks and save some time for fun.

Driving through Old City, we passed many popular eateries, including the historic City Tavern. Then we walked up Chestnut street, and stumbled upon the storytelling spot for Once Upon a Nation, where we met some re-enactors between sets.

Independence Hall was next on the list, so we wandered into the courtyard of the birthplace for the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. Taking in the weight of these moments in history was slightly lightened by the pausing for pictures.

Crossing the street, we headed for the Liberty Bell next. Since there were kids in our party, there was not enough time to truly tour and take in all historical references of these places, but the highlights were better than nothing. Attention spans and level of hunger helped to make the executive decision to end our city tour and focus on food–with a side of fun.

On our way to lunch, we passed many of the popular pop-up summer spots, including Spruce Street Harbor Park, Summerfest at Penn’s Landing, and the beer gardens at Morgan’s Pier. Pulling in to Dave & Busters produced a burst of excitement for what was to come, and the rest of the afternoon was spent filling our bellies and working it off on video games.

The next time you’re looking for something to do this summer, or any time of year, consider a mini staycation. This was a day trip packed with a little something for everyone. Take advantage of the sites close to home and explore your own city. Go ahead and pretend to be a tourist. Show yourself around and give yourself a tour of the area. You may even discover a few hidden gems and a new appreciation for your home town.

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