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After 44 posts detailing highlights from around the world, I think it’s about time I give some credit to my hometown, the great Keystone State of Pennsylvania.  Today I’ll start with Philadelphia.  Even though I don’t get to the city as often as I’d like, there are a few places I’ve been to that are worth going back.  Some for the atmosphere, but mostly for the food.

Those who know food in Philly are familiar with a few names.  Yes, of course, there’s Pat and Gino, but I’m not even going to go there.  This post will be free of cheese (only to mention that I believe the best ones come from South St.).  Stephen Starr is another well-known restaurateur, and is responsible for a few of my Philly favorites:

Continental.  This place is so good there are two in the city.  You can find a chic, retro, diner-like version in Olde City on Market Street, and a more posh, modern feeling, multi-leveled one in Midtown on Chestnut.  Which ever one you chose, the food and atmosphere is unique, but I personally recommend the one in Midtown for their and French Onion Soup Dumplings and rooftop lounge.

El Vez.  I just went there for the first time recently, and will definitely be making a trip back, if only for their guacamole.  I’m a fan of authentic mexican food, and this place keeps it fresh with an authentic mexican flare.

Amada.  Thank you, Jose Garces, for bringing tapas to Philly!  This place reminds me of Spain every time I go, which is a little bittersweet.  From the small plates to the sangria, I love the menu and feel of the place, and it makes me want to book a trip back to the narrow stone walled, cobblestone streets where we used to hop from tapas bar to tapas bar and drink rioja.

I’ve been to a few other great eateries in Philly, but these three stand out as my favorites so far.  I’ve still got a lot of eating to do, any recommendations?

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