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Please Read Me Your Story

Last night I was craving a good story to read. I’d recently finished a novel and was already starting to go through withdrawl. After browsing my ebook library and not being particularly drawn to anything, I thought–hey, wait a minute, what about the novel I’ve been trying to finish writing!

Here’s where I’ll admit to breaking some of the writing rules, so if you’re a writer who follows rules, skip this paragraph. I started from the beginning and read the story from a different perspective–my main characters. I also edited sections as I read, which some may say is a first draft no-no, but I don’t care, I do what I want. There were no dramatic changes made, and the small edits sparked these YES moments that gave me all the goosebumps.

Not only did I get to satisfy my hankering for fictional drama, new life was breathed into a novel that needed a little more inspiration. Win, win! Just think–it’s one step closer to reading the novel aloud and listening to where more edits are needed–and to entertain my dog–everyone wins!

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