Readjust, regroup, revive my savings

A week and a half has gone by since I’ve been home, and I’m still in readjust mode, slowing getting back to a routine. Last week was spent catching up with friends, uploading photos and re-establishing a normal sleep pattern, meaning not getting up at 4am every morning when I didn’t have to.

This week’s goal was to get back to writing for kids. I know I tried my best to travel blog every day I was away, but now I had to switch gears and finish the children’s writing course I’m taking. I’m still working on my last assignment, a young adult novel, and it’s amazing what a month away from it did. I realized it was a complete mess!  So I’m in the process of cleaning it up.

Now that my schedule is pretty much back to what it was before the trip, there’s just one small detail I have yet to work out…a paying job.  This is the hardest part to deal with after being free to wander the globe for 5 weeks.  Since my bills refuse to stop coming, I’m back in search of decent paychecks.  Paychecks that will also replenish my savings account so I can travel again real soon… and so the cycle continues.

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