Remember Billy

REMEMBER Cast: Billy

Everyone loves Billy, or at least they should. This lovable nerd is smart, funny, and a personal favorite character in REMEMBER.

1. Full Name (and meaning): William (Will, desire, protection)

2. Nicknames: Billy

3. Age: 17

4. Physical description: brown hair, grey/blue eyes, skinny, average height

5. Career: Student, Craft Service Assistant

6. Hobbies: reading comic books, playing the tuba, star-gazing
7. Education level: High School

8. Family, friends, and love interests: Mother – Betty; love interest – Neviah Ambrosi

9. Style of clothing, accessories: nerdy-casual, jeans, superhero t-shirts

10. Where do you live? California

Your Past

1. Family dynamics: It’s just Mom and me. My dad passed away when I was young. We get along okay, I guess, at least when she’s not shaking her head in disbelief of some stupid thing I just did.

2. What kind of grades did you get? I guess I’m pretty smart. Kids copy my homework.

3. Were you teased, the teaser, or neither as a child? Some guys try to tease me, but it doesn’t really matter. I keep to myself, mostly, anyway.

4. Any significant trauma? Do broken hearts count?

5. Any emotional upheaval? When my dad died it was pretty traumatic, but we kinda saw it coming because he was sick for a while. Other than that, professing my love for Nev, and telling her boy-toy Wynn that he’s basically a jerk for almost dumping her were also pretty nerve-racking experiences for me, but I’m not sure if my emotions were particularly upheaved.

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