Remember Dr. Ormond

REMEMBER Cast: Dr. Ormond

What’s a paranormal story without a little touch of evil? In REMEMBER, Dr. Ormond may be portrayed as the creepy doctor with supernatural powers, but we also see another side of him that evokes more empathy.

1. Full Name: Dr. Jack Ormond

2. Nicknames: Dr. Creepypants, Dr. McSnarky, Dr. Telepathic, Dr. Crazy, Dr. Weird, Dr. Strange, Dr. O

3. Age: 40s

4. Physical description: brown eyes, greyish-brown hair, balding, tall, lanky

5. Career: Doctor

6. Hobbies: Medical Testing, Research

7. Education level: Doctorate, Medical School

8. Family, friends, and love interests: Wife – Julie Ormond; Son – Max Ormond

9. Style of clothing, accessories: business casual, scrubs, lab coat

10. Where do you live? California

Your Past

1. Family dynamics: I thought I had a happy marriage. My wife could get a little bossy at times, but we were both successful in our careers, we were about to have a baby, and out of no-where it all went horribly wrong.

2. What kind of grades did you get? I was top of my class, but never received the recognition I deserved.

3. Were you teased, the teaser, or neither as a child? Sure, doesn’t everyone get teased about something at least once in their life? I had to rise above just like everybody else.

4. Any significant trauma? My wife ripped my heart out and served it to me cold.

5. Any emotional upheaval? The connection I had with my son was the most gratifying and heartbreaking relationship of my life.

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