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REMEMBER Cast: Neviah

Now that REMEMBER has officially launched, I thought I would introduce some of the main characters to give a little of their personal backgrounds and a little preview of what you may expect from them in the novel. A few characters share their points of view in the novel, so I decided to interview each of them, and for the next few days I’ll post their answers here. Enjoy!

1. Full Name (and meaning): Neviah Ambrosi (Prophetess, seer into the future)

2. Nicknames: Nev

3. Age: 18

4. Physical description: Hazel eyes; long, dark curly hair; average height and weight; fit frame

5. Career: Student, Production Assistant, Vet Assistant

6. Hobbies: Theater, horseback riding

7. Education level: High School

8. Family, friends, and love interests: Mother – Ruthie Andrews; Step-father – Joe Andrews; Sister – Pelia Andrews; Father – Derek Ambrosi; Boyfriend – Wynn Miller; Friend – Billy

9. Style of clothing, accessories: Inde rock/casual; a horseshoe necklace that was given as a gift from someone very special

10. Where do you live? Malibu, California

Your Past

1. Family dynamics: I’m very close with my mother and step-father. Though the relationship with Dad feels a little strained, I understand why things are the way they are, but I will always try to make him proud. I’m very excited about having a little sister and look forward to imparting all my wisdom on to her.

2. What kind of grades did you get?  I would say I’m above average, but I’m not overly concerned with getting straight As.

3. Were you teased, the teaser, or neither as a child? Being more shy and modest than some, I’ve been teased for being “normal” and for my simple style.

4. Any significant trauma? Currently I’m in the hospital for unknown reasons, and I’ve lost the ability to talk and ask for information. Instead, I use my recent memories to piece together what happened.

5. Any emotional upheaval?  My parents are divorced, and while I believe it’s for the best, a range of emotions still come in waves from time to time. Since I’ve been in the hospital I’ve also lost contact with my boyfriend, Wynn, and can only hold on to our memories until I find him.

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