Remember Wynn


Meet Wynn: the bad-boy New Yorker turned sweet and sassy Midwesterner that steals Nev’s heart. While a majority of his role in REMEMBER is told in flashbacks, this interview provides a little more insight into who he truly is.

1. Full Name (and meaning): Wynn Miller (friend)

2. Nicknames: My friends in NY used to call me Wynnsical since I picked up girls by playing the piano.

3. Age: 18

4. Physical description: dirty blond hair, green eyes, tall, athletic build, haphazard hairdo

5. Career: Student, Supermarket Cashier

6. Hobbies: Horseback riding, piano 

7. Education level: High School 

8. Family, friends, and love interests: Godfather – Dan Miller; Girlfriend – Neviah Ambrosi; Friend/Horse – Tango

9. Style of clothing, accessories: Cowboy casual, jeans, button downs, cowboy hat and boots 

10. Where do you live? Originally from New York, then escaped to Oklahoma before moving to Santa Monica, California

Your Past

1. Family dynamics: My parents weren’t around much, and they tried to send me to military school when I was always getting into trouble in NY. It wasn’t until they were both gone that I realized how much they meant to me. I moved to Oklahoma to live with my Grandma for a while. She was tough, but I learned a lot from her. When she died, I moved to California to live with my Godfather, Dan. He’s a jerk, but I think he means well.

2. What kind of grades do you get? Not the best, but I get by.

3. Were you teased, the teaser, or neither as a child? I may have said some unpleasant things to kids in school before, but once I moved to Oklahoma my Grans did her best to set me straight. I like to think it worked.

4. Any significant trauma? Surprisingly, no, I must have tough guardian angels.

5. Any emotional upheaval? Having both my parents die at the same time was pretty traumatic. Especially since things weren’t the best right before they left. Dealing with that was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Once I met Nev, things started to get a little more emotional for me, in ways I never thought possible.

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