Road Trips

Now that plans for this fall are back on track, for the most part, I thought I would take some time to tell you all about the recent road trips I’ve taken over the last few weeks.  I’ve traveled up and down the east coast with family and friends, and boy are there stories to tell!

I’ll start off by letting you know the most important parts of my trip, where I’ve stopped to EAT!  Since I’ve recently joined Twitter, I’ll “tweet” a different eatery each day, so that if you’re ever in that area, you’ll know where to go!  Don’t worry, for you non-twitterers, it will also show up on my facebook page, so be sure to check it out.  These places are not to be missed!

* For those of you who missed my tweets and FB links, here are the recommendations I posted:

Off the Hook – LBI, NJ – Great fish tacos!

Bertha’s – MD – Must have the mussels!

Medieval Times – MD – eat, joust and be merry!

Rocco’s Tacos – FL – Tacos and Tequila!

Wish You Were Here – Lancaster, PA – great pancakes!

Moish and Itzy’s – Langhorne, PA – one of the best delis in Bucks County!

Myers and Chang – Boston – Great food, interesting atmosphere!

Rose Water – Brooklyn, NY – great brunch frittatas!

Stay tuned for more road trippin stories 🙂

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