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I’ve been planning a trip around the world for a while.  It all started when I met a photographer who said he did it years ago for around $1,800!  Of course, I was shocked to hear such a thing was possible, and googled it as soon as I was in front of a computer.  To my surprise there were many different companies that catered to round the world travel.  The one I finally set my sights on was  Where many of the other companies had set itineraries, I was able to choose my own destinations with Airtreks.

Now that I had the world to choose from, I needed to decide where I was going.  I wanted this trip to have some kind of theme, thought it would be more fun to plan this way.  This is when I came up with my “Wonders Tour” idea.  I would hit as many Wonders of the World as I could, with the time and money I had available.  In my reasearch I was blown away when I discovered there are a lot more than just seven of them.  Apparently there are ancient, medieval and modern wonders, natural and underwater wonders and even forgotten wonders.  Thank goodness for Wikipedia, I found a smaller list here as I scrolled down the photos and narrowed down my destinations:

Sydney Opera House

Great Barrier Reef

Great Wall of China

Taj Mahal

Pyramids of Giza

Since I didn’t want to sit on a plane for 24 hours from here to Australia I decided to make some pit stops in San Fran (wine country should be a wonder), Hawaii to visit some family and New Zealand… it’s right next door, why not?

Now that I knew where I wanted to go, I needed to figure out when.  I was back online researching the best time to see these sites and noticed September, October and November kept coming up, so that settled it!  I leave at the end of September, gone all of October and back in November.  Overall, I’m spending a few days in each country, planning on seeing the wonders and anything else that may catch my eye.  I’ll be traveling for about 6 weeks (around the world in LESS than 80 days!).

Now I have the who (me), what (traveling the world), where (see list above), when (fall 2010), and why (why not?) all settled it’s time to get the fine details tweaked.  I’m not one of those who plans every second of my day, but the folks at Global Basecamps helped me to figure out where to stay and how to see what I want to see.

I’ll be posting the rest of my adventures in travel planning and trekking across the globe right here, so be sure to check back to see how it all works out!

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