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Travel Meds: Round Two

Today was travel med day.  I had a very nice consultation with the doctor about what I will need to do to survive my upcoming trip, health wise.  Two prescriptions and two shots later, I feel more prepared to combat whatever disease carrying microorganisms that may cross my path while traveling.

What will possibly occur in the next 24 hours is still a mystery.

I was assured that there won’t be a repeat of my tetanus shot side effect (scroll down to refresh your memory, it’s still clear in mine).  However, the slight ache in my right arm where the typhoid shot ended up is giving me flashbacks.  My left arm, where the polio shot went, is perfectly fine as of right now.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

A prescription for malarone and cipro have now joined my pile of travel related papers.  I also seem to be collecting an assortment of insect repellents, a clothing spray and deet lotion have now joined the mix.

I feel like one of those overprotective moms who carts the umbrella, cooler, lounge chairs and various plastic toys to the beach.  “Always be prepared!”  Maybe I should have been a girl scout.  Only this time, my badge of honor is a band-aid and a black and blue bump on my upper arms.  Again, all in the name of travel!

UPDATE: No flu symptoms or huge black and blue spots this time!

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