How to See Three Countries in One Day

Talk about whirlwind! In one day we visited three countries by traveling from Austria to Italy and took a peek at Slovenia on the way home. The closest I’ve ever come to passing the border this many times is traveling from Pennsylvania through New Jersey to New York. This time was a little different, and included a stop by border control.

An Austrian Morning

In the morning, we took a hike around the lake at Weissensee. The popular scenic park and campsite was lined with vacation homes and hotels in authentic Austrian architecture. Each had a tiny lakeside chalet–perfect for preparing for their day on the water.

An Italian Afternoon

To see what lakes looked like in a different part of the world, we took a drive across the border to Lago Di Fusine in Italy. While this was a shorter hike, it was through a more lush and wooded area around an aquamarine-colored lake–a shade I’ve never seen before in any body of water.

A Peek at Slovenia

On the way back, we drove through part of Slovenia, because visiting countries is better in threes. Crossing back into Austria included a stop at border control. Luckily, the officer was an understanding soul who allowed us to cross with only our drivers license. It’s best to have your passport handy when crossing so many country lines. Noted.

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