So much time, so little left to do

With all the flights, some tours and most hotels booked, I’m starting to wonder what I’m missing before taking off at the end of September. I rarely book a trip this far in advance, but since I’m going to many different destinations, I thought it was the best idea in order to get the dates I want. Now that I have about five months left, I’m trying to keep the magic (and my bank account) alive by waiting to book some of the daily excursions. Even though there are certain things that I really want to see, I don’t want to schedule everyday.

Of course there are certain things that need to wait, such as obtaining visas that expire within a certain amount of time. No sense in getting them now and having them become invalid by the time I get there. I’ve also been told not to get some of the shots and meds till closer to takeoff. So now I have time to let my mind wander, to think of all the life changing experiences I may have, and to let my savings bounce back so I can dip into it again.

In order to keep my mind from wandering too far, I’ve had to mark my calendar as to when to get these visas and shots so these details don’t end up putting a damper on the life changing experiences. So far this has helped to keep my travel planning in check and allow me to focus on the important things, like remembering how fortunate I am to actually be traveling around the world in just five short months.

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