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It’s April! April is not just about spring showers, budding flowers, and warmer weather–all of which are fabulous, but there’s much more to this month. April is a time of rebirth…and my birth! So what if my friends and family laugh at me for celebrating the entire month. I love April and everything it brings, so I’m going to celebrate …

Remember Dr. Ormond

REMEMBER Cast: Dr. Ormond

What’s a paranormal story without a little touch of evil? In REMEMBER, Dr. Ormond may be portrayed as the creepy doctor with supernatural powers, but we also see another side of him that evokes more empathy. 1. Full Name: Dr. Jack Ormond
 2. Nicknames: Dr. Creepypants, Dr. McSnarky, Dr. Telepathic, Dr. Crazy, Dr. Weird, Dr. Strange, Dr. O
 3. Age: …

Remember Billy

REMEMBER Cast: Billy

Everyone loves Billy, or at least they should. This lovable nerd is smart, funny, and a personal favorite character in REMEMBER. 1. Full Name (and meaning): William (Will, desire, protection)
 2. Nicknames: Billy
 3. Age: 17 
4. Physical description: brown hair, grey/blue eyes, skinny, average height 
5. Career: Student, Craft Service Assistant
 6. Hobbies: reading comic books, playing the tuba, …

Remember Wynn


Meet Wynn: the bad-boy New Yorker turned sweet and sassy Midwesterner that steals Nev’s heart. While a majority of his role in REMEMBER is told in flashbacks, this interview provides a little more insight into who he truly is. 1. Full Name (and meaning): Wynn Miller (friend)
 2. Nicknames: My friends in NY used to call me Wynnsical since I …

Remember Neviah

REMEMBER Cast: Neviah

Now that REMEMBER has officially launched, I thought I would introduce some of the main characters to give a little of their personal backgrounds and a little preview of what you may expect from them in the novel. A few characters share their points of view in the novel, so I decided to interview each of them, and for the …