The City that Always Eats

Food, glorious food!  I wanted to sing it on Broadway during my latest trip to NYC, but musicals were not the focus this time.  My cousin may not have a gourmet kitchen, but who needs one when you live in a city with a Zagat rated restaurant on every corner?  Deciding which one to go to first was one of the toughest decision we had all day.

Since I arrived around brunch we decided on Sarabeth’s Kitchen across from Central Park.  A bright and cozy space with an outdoor mural on the ceiling and breakfast cocktails being passed around.  I thought deciding on a restaurant would be tough, but once we sat down and needed to choose between sweet breads, fresh berries and savory meats I knew we had another dilemma.  What’s a girl to do?  How about order a little bit of everything!  It all started with a fruit filled juice with banana, pomegranate and other yummy berries.  Then I graduated to a veggie frittata with a side of apple smoked bacon AND chicken and apple sausage.  Luckily the lemon and ricotta pancakes was also up for sharing at the table.  Brunch heaven, the bright blue sky scene on the ceiling tied it all together.

After walking it off through Central Park, it was only natural to award our athletic efforts with a root beer float from the Shake Shack.  Having the early spring sun warm my face while sipping on the perfect blend of root beer and vanilla ice cream on the steps of The Natural History Museum made the experience even more enjoyable.

Then it was time to stop by another museum and fulfill my craving for culture at the MoMA.  Wandering through the collection of some of my favorite pieces of art was an inspiring combination of peacefulness and joy.  Seeing the pensive look on my cousin’s face and listening to how the paintings made him feel was all the entertainment I needed.


But I digress, back to the food.  Just as the day started with an unforgettable culinary experience, dinner could not be outdone.  After much deliberation, it was decided that Katz’s Deli would be the place to end the evening.  If it was good enough for Harry and Sally (maybe more Sally than Harry), it was good enough for us.  Only, I didn’t know exactly how good until I took a bite of the best corned beef sandwich I ever had.  Even though we sat a table away from the famous faking it scene, I did not have to fake my excitement over the succulent stack of freshly sliced meat between two pieces of slightly spicy mustarded rye bread.  Don’t get me started on the pickle.  OOH Yes!

Now I can understand why the city of New York never sleeps.  How could you when you have so many great eateries around.  Why waste time sleeping when you can be having some of the best gastronomical experiences of your life.

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  1. Sounds like my kind of New York adventure. Food, the part, the museum. I love going to Shake Shack and strolling through MoMA! Will be sure to try Sarabeth’s on my next sojourn. Love the blog, makes me hungry 😉

      1. Have never trapezed (is that a word?). And wouldn’t have thought to on a NYC trip. Hmmm… will have to look into it. When up in the air I might be able to spot a a good parking spot.

  2. Shawn%A %B %e%q, %Ynr,iceJVeay great post and this is how I live life. I focus on what I want, keep the idea in my head and whatever happens, just let it happen and go with the flow.Shawn

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