GBR Great Barrier Reef


Well, I may not have found Nemo, but I sure did see a lot of different colors of fish and coral in the Great Barrier Reef. The day long cruise started with about a 90 minute catamaran ride out to the reef, and once I saw turquoise strands in the dark blue sea, I knew we had arrived.

The warm water was quite choppy, making it hard to travel far from the boat, but I really didn’t need to. There were mountains of colorful sea life almost as soon as I snorkled out. Fish of all colors and sizes glided past, and I was face to face with some of the most interesting looking plant life. One of my favorites was the blue starfish, you don’t get those at the Jersey shore.

We visited two different parts of the reef. The first stop was Upolu, where the tide was so low I had to be extra careful not to run into the coral. After lunch we continued on to Oyster reef, where I safely swam a few feet above the scenery, but was still close enough to dive down to get a closer look.

The ride out to the reef wasn’t so bad, the warm sun and light rocking was actually very calming. However, the waves were extra choppy on the way back, making the ride a bit nauseating, but not enough to pass on the champagne they served as we were about to arrive back to port.

I’ve learned there’s so much of the GBR to explore, so I hope to come back and see more of it, especially the more northern areas, and hopefully catch a glimpse of Nemo and his friends.

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