The Sound of Salzburg

Driving down the autobahn on the way to Salzburg, we fly by the valley villages at approximately 90 miles per hour. We’re on our way to see the birthplace of Mozart and scenes from the Sound of Music.

Arriving in Salzburg, we wander through winding streets, pass towering theaters and churches, and look up at shop signs reminiscent of the city’s ancient design. A modern shoe store still has a decorative metal sign depicting its name and an ornamental boot.

After picking up a few local crafts, art, and pretzels, we head for the modern art museum and the elevator that would take us high above the city for a panoramic view. Walking through the sky-high park, we take in the vistas from all angles.

Before coming back down to street level, we stopped in the convent that had a part in the Sound of Music. Our movie history continued with a stroll through Mirabell gardens where we frolicked passed the flowers and posed with famous statues from the film.

Another famous sighting included watching Mozart disrobe after his shift. Not many tourists can say they saw the cherished composer take his pants off in the gardens. Of course, the transformation from celebrity to commoner is a daily occurrence for many locals looking to make a few Euros.

The end of another wonderful, culture-filled day capped off at a neighborhood Inn where we feasted on local delicacies like wiener schnitzel and Kärntner Kasnudeln, ravioli-like cheese noodles native to Carinthia–where we are staying. From the stories behind all the places we visited today, the sound of Salzburg sure is sweet.

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