Three sisters


OK, so where did June go? I just realized my last post was the end of May, and now it’s the beginning of July. I didn’t mean to take a whole month off, and this upcoming trip has been on my mind ever since I booked the tickets, but June was a slow month planning wise.

Now that there are only 3 (THREE!) months left before I head around the world, I need to get back on the ball. This month I plan on booking the only hotel I have left to book, in Cairns, Australia, and I also have an appointment with the Travel Med people to get even more shots. I can barely hold in my excitement for that one!

August is the time to get my visas together. I’ve had the forms saved on my computer since April, but since everything is time sensitive I’ll have to wait till closer to departure to make it all official. So, next month I’ll pay a visit to the consulates in New York and get it all taken care of.

Then comes September. Even though I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to pack since I’ve read all the different articles on packing light, September is when I’ll get to start throwing things into bags.

Three months…and by the way time has been flying it will be here before I know it!

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