After a lot of wishing and hoping and dreaming and planning, I’ll finally be TRAVELING two weeks from today.  We’ll see how much of my plans change between now and then, and what lovely travel surprises are in store.

In the next two weeks I’ll be doing some shopping and confirming and more dreaming and packing.  I’ve already got a shopping list (half to keep me sane, and half to not let me go overboard in the aisles of Target) and a packing list in my head.  I’ve been reading up on how to pack light, so we’ll see how that goes.

I also plan to call my credit card companies sometime before I leave to make sure they don’t cut off the flow of money once they see multiple transactions in multiple countries.  I’ve already called Verizon to make sure my phone will work overseas and that I won’t be charged my life savings to use it.

SO, all there’s left to do is throw a bunch of travel size toiletries and clothes in a bag and get ready to embark on this once in a lifetime journey, Right?  Well, at least I can pretend to be laid back about it, when I know I’ll end up over calculating the next 14 days… it’s still a journey of a lifetime though, which is really what I’m looking forward to, no matter what I forget to pack.

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