Rainforest vacation

Vacation squared

Nothing like a cabin in the middle of the rainforest. No phone (this won’t post till I get some bars), no TV, just me, the forest wildlife, and the beach around the corner.

These few days in Cape Tribulation seclusion have been my vacation within a vacation, and now I’m recharged and ready to take on the rest of the world!

Other than naps by the pool and lazy walks on the beach, I did fit in the most amazing horseback ride one morning. We trotted through the rainforest and galloped along the beach under the most brilliant of blue skies I have ever seen. It didn’t hurt that our fearless leader, Steve looked like a slightly older and more rugged version of Daniel Craig. Boy I love Australia!

My last night in Cape Trib also happened to land on my dad’s birthday, and thanks to an extremely kind bartender and chef, I toasted Dad’s bday with Australia’s finest low carb beer and an excellent kangaroo dinner! The thin red meat was cooked rare (just like Dad would want it) and served over greens and mashed potatoes in a plum aujou. Yum. For an appetizer I also tried the famous vegemite on toast. I think they were being extra kind and heavily buttered the toast, but every now and then I tasted the earthiness of the vitamin packed spread.

All that’s left to do on this Australian adventure is snorkle the reef, and then I can safely say I’ve had a well rounded trip down under. There is still so much I haven’t seen of this amazing country though, but that seems to be a trend on this trip, and so another world tour may be in order in the future.

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