Vermont Vacay/Workday

The Plan: head to Vermont for the week with friends to ski/snowboard/relax/play games/NOT think about work.

The Reality: get hurt my first day on the slopes and go heavy on the relaxing and light on the skiing. Then turn the last day of vacation into a writing retreat while everyone else is back on the mountain.

It’s Not Work if it’s Fun, Right?

Sure, I love a work-less vacation just like everyone else, but when the opportunity arises to have a house all to yourself (well, not counting the pack of dogs also on the trip), the laptop comes out and the vacay turns into a workday. Or as I love to think of it…a writing retreat! It is still a cabin in Vermont.

sleepy pups

So, here I am, surrounded by sleepy pups, completing online workshops and updating my travel writing blog. Seems like a pretty perfect way to end a vacation to me!

While it’s not ideal, or recommended, to sail off the slopes and down a snowy embankment, pulling or tearing something in your upper arm, making it difficult to carry out everyday tasks, it led to this mini writing retreat that I’m equally grateful for.

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